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Extract iPhone Backup to Recover video, photo, SMS, Contacts.



iPhone Backup Restore

iPhone Backup Restore is a iTunes data recovery software which can recover photos, videos, SMS, contacts and other info and files from your iTunes Backup folder when you lost or delete them accidently. In additon, This iTunes Backup Extractor can also support iPad, iPod Touch and other iDevices.


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Easy to Use with 100% success rate

With simple UI, the iphone backup extractor is easy for beginners.
Only 3 steps to extract and restore iphone backup.

Support iTunes & Apple Devices

iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5
iPad, iPad3, iPad Mini
iPod, iTouch

Extract and Recover all data types

iPhone Contacts Backup & Recovery
iPhone SMS Backup & Recovery
Recover iPhone Video and Photo
Restore Call Histroy

Free download & Free lifetime update

You could free download to try it
and enjoy free lifetime upgrading
service after purchasing.

System Requirements and Technical Support

System Requirements

- The iPhone Backup Extractor can be installed on all Windows OS.
- Windows Vista, Windows 7 ,Windows 8
- Windows XP, 2000, 2003
- And we will release Mac version soon...


Technical Support


Common Questions of iPhone Backup Restore

Guide :

How to use iPhone Backup Restore

Email :

If you have any computer problems or any questions with products and usage, please contact us. We try to process every request we received as soon as possible.



iPhone, iPad and iPod are popular in the world, there are many popular features with these Apple devices. One feature is
that you can recover lost data from iTunes backup. There are many chances that may cause data loss, such as lost or
broken iPhone or iPad, deleted something important, and failed updated, etc..

If only the last backup was taken before the data was deleted, can iPhone data be recovered with iTunes Backup Extractor software. You may recover all your precious memory with iTunes Backup Restore program. But if iPhone or iPad data was deleted before your backup was taken, it makes sense that the backup won't contain your data. Fortunately, iTunes don't purge deleted data from their database files, so it is possible to recover deleted SMS, note and contact data..

Our iPhone Backup Extractor helps you extract iPhone backup data from iTunes. You can restore iPhone contacts,photos,
SMS, videos, Notes, and other iPhone backup files.The iPhone Backup Extractor converts the extracted iPhone backup files
into CSV format, so the extracted files can be easily imported into Excel. Please visit our support page to see how to extract iPhone backup files from iTunes.



Sound Good?

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User Comments

 "Great iPhone backup extractor software! It helped me extract back up data from iTunes within one minute! Thank you."

-- Jarru.Tan


  "It helps me a lot to restore my Contacts and SMS from iPhone backup"

-- Huk Moony


  "Thanks a lot! It is really an amazing iTunes backup extract program! I extracted my iPhone contacts from iTunes to my computer."

-- Smula Roll





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